Our Story


Why Melody. H


Intended to bring freshness into your spaces by adding a minimal drop.



At Melody. H, we pride ourselves on 100% purest, optimum origins, and eco-friendly production.


Our founder, Melody, mom of 3 kids first encountered aromatherapy during her pregnancy. During her first trimester, she suffered from tension headaches daily. As many solutions were not reliable for her pregnancy state, she searched for a more natural remedy for this ailment without interfering with her body. These oils had since brought wellness, health, and happiness into her whole family.


In order to share the natural benefit of essential oils with others, in 2012 she founded MelodyH.com, an online essential oil store.


 At Melody. H, all essential blends are developed by a team of professional aromatherapists and extensive research. Our essential oils are known for their safety and efficacy. The brand consists of a full collection of modern essentials including, carrier oils, infused oils, and aromatherapy oils for all our customer's needs.


We intend to bring freshness into your spaces, add a minimal drop of your preferred scent, and these precious brown bottles will provide an exquisiteness lifestyle.





Origin Sourcing


100% Pure, 100% Authentic, 100% Natural, and Non-Toxic.



It is important to know that high-quality oils were typically packaged in very small quantities to ensure every bottle of essential oil that consumers received is worthy of being cherished for its skincare and aromatic benefits. 


As a natural product, regional and climatic variations such as the country of origin, level of sun exposure, soil elements are all factors affecting the characteristics of plants. Work on this initiative, we are backed up by suppliers around the world. 


Rosa Damascena- Bulgaria, Sweet Fennel - India, Bergamot - Italy, Orange Blossom - Egypt, Litsea Cubeba – China, Spike Lavender – Spain, Zedoary – Nepal, Lavandin – Greece, ….


Using a multi-circular ecological process of growing, extracting, distilling and packaging to avoid damage to the natural beauty is the commitment we give to people who care the environment safe and nature as us.





Our Mission


To bring the 100% natural oil into your day-to-day life, even a lifestyle.



While we go through the power of aromatherapy, we do know with complete certainty that there are so many incredible benefits can gain from using these precious natural gifts.


Aromatherapy is an ancient knowledge that combines science and style for thousands of years. Essential oils were used as part of traditional cultural practices such as healthcare, religious ceremonies, food preparation, and personal treatment.


Modernly, so many of the products we use in our daily lives are filled with synthetic chemicals. Natural solutions like aroma can replenish our energy and even positively influence the way we live, think, and feel.


To bring a modern, healthy, and minimal aesthetic lifestyle, we believe this effective and natural healing method can make people live effortless at a fast pace.