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Lavender Essential Oil with Mask Diffuser Clip Kit

Lavender Essential Oil with Mask Diffuser Clip Kit

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Lavender Essential Oil with Mask Diffuser Clip Kit:
1*Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml
+ 1*Mask Aroma Clip(Natural Pearl Style,15mm)

Just add 2-3drops on a cotton sheet, once a day.


About the cotton sheet: Different essential oils can be distinguished by different colour of cotton sheet. The cotton sheet do not need to be replaced frequently.

Also the clip works well with Cold Season Aromatherapy essential oil, Lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential, lime essential oil...

  • Anti-boring and refreshing breath: The aroma clip can be magnetically attached to the mask to prevent boring and remove peculiar smell, freshen your breath.
  • One thing for multiple purposes: the unique magnetic design aroma diffuser clip can be used for masks, brooches and cufflinks accessories.
  • Keep out of reach of infants and little children to avoid accidental ingestion.

Features&Details about Lavender Essetial Oil
Botanical name: Lavadula angustifolia
Plant Part: Flowers
Extraction method: Distillation
Origin: France


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