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Organic Borage Oil 100ml

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100% Pure Plant Oil
Botanical name: Borago officinalis

Plant Part: Seeds

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Origin: Malaysia



Characteristics of the Plant and Product

This natural organic Borage oil is extracted from tiny seeds and has recognized anti-fungal, moisturizing and regenerating properties. It is rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and also includes all fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K. It is very gentle and helps relieve skin discomfort caused by eczema. Because it contains regenerating and strengthening properties, it is added to anti-aging and wrinkle-removing products to resist skin loss and lack of elasticity.


Suggested use:

Use as desired for massage or skin care, or it can be used by adding 1-4 kinds of single essential oils to make a safe concentration of blend oil. It should be reminded, when using blend essential oils such as Lavender, Roman chamomile, orange, etc. for children, the concentration is half that of adults. The concentration of the formulated facial oil should not exceed 1%.


Concentration Percentage

For local use, concentration ≤5%

For full body use, concentration ≤ 2%

For facial use, concentration ≤ 1%


How to blend the oil concentration

5ml carrier oil + 1 drop of single essential oil = 1% concentration

5ml carrier oil + 2 drops of single essential oil = 2% concentration

and so on...



External use only.

Close lid tightly and store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a Cool Place.

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